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Fuzion Safety's ASAP experts provide a smooth transition between ASAP, safety risk management, and safety assurance.

ASAP Facilitation Services

ASAP is a voluntary, self-reporting program designed to identify and mitigate possible safety concerns. ASAP uses employee input to identify significant safety concerns and issues, operational deficiencies, non-compliance with regulations, and deviations from company policies and procedures. A committee reviews each report, and based on a non-disciplinary approach to flight safety, they determine applicable corrective actions.

Why Fuzion Safety?

  • Only organization in the United States to develop both the technology and the service to implement an FAA-compliant ASAP
  • Fully supported ASAP facilitation for Flight Schools, MROs, FBOs, and Corporate and Charter Operations

The Fuzion Safety Advantage

  • Experienced ASAP experts who know how to build a robust safety reporting culture
  • Smooth transition between ASAP, safety risk management and safety assurance
  • Experts in ASAP and the technology
  • Fully compliant SMS tool
  • Unbiased data analysis

Contact a Fuzion Safety ASAP expert for a free demonstration!

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