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A flight data analysis system for your FOQA program.

What is Flight Dynamics?

Flight Dynamics, a new system developed by Fuzion Safety, is designed to process and analyze recorded flight data to support your organization’s Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) or flight data analysis program.

Flight Dynamics assists in the improvement of safety in your organization by increasing operational awareness and maintenance effectiveness.

Fuzion Safety, powered by WBAT, is proudly affiliated with AirSync, the lowest-cost, turn-key solution for Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and FOQA available on the market today.

Fuzion Safety, Powered by WBAT, Partners with PMOPA to Enhance Safety Initiatives

The partnership is focused on Flight Data Monitoring (FDM); Fuzion Safety will be providing Piper M-Class Owners and Pilots Association (PMOPA) with aggregated data analysis, which will allow the PMOPA Safety Committee to identify trends and provide insights that will be leveraged to improve Piper PA-46 safety, operations, and training. Additionally, participating pilots gain access to Flight Dynamics, Fuzion Safety’s subscription-based system that processes recorded flight data to allow analysts to support Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) or flight data analysis programs. Flight Dynamics includes the groundbreaking Post-Flight Report (PFR), which allows pilots to receive a debrief directly to a mobile device within minutes of uploading flight data after every flight. PMOPA will use the de-identified aggregate data from the PFR in their studies. Read the full article here.

Benefits of Flight Dynamics

Flight Dynamics offers more benefits than any other system on the market, including:

  • Individual post-flight analysis report
  • Aggregated flight data analysis
  • Affordability
  • Support center

Fuzion Safety, powered by WBAT, has a deeply rooted history in the flight data analysis market, including over 15 years of experience providing custom-designed FOQA systems.

Our team has advised airlines on initiation of FOQA programs as far back as 1995 and participated in the US Air Force Task Force to establish the governing document for the US Air Force MFOQA program.

Our team’s decades of experience in FOQA and flight data analysis bring an additional advantage to organizations that utilize the Flight Dynamics system by offering support during the initiation, launch, and sustainment of their FOQA or flight data analysis program.

Working with a third-party wireless data acquisition tool on the aircraft that can be fully automated, Flight Dynamics offers the following components, which an organization can use separately or in a combined system, depending upon your analytical goals:

Post-Flight Report (PFR)

Aggregate Data Analysis (ADA)

Post-Flight Report (PFR)

Post-Flight Report (PFR) allows an organization’s pilots to immediately receive a debrief directly to a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, after every flight.

Though originally developed for Cirrus aircraft equipped with BlueMAX wireless data transfer, Flight Dynamic’s PFR is compatible with other common engine monitors. The PFR is also effectively being used with a number of Eclipse aircraft, and PFR’s customizable design supports expansion to other aircraft types.

We are excited to enhance the debriefing process for pilots everywhere.

The sky is the limit for what this product can do!

Aggregate Data Analysis (ADA)

Aggregate Data Analysis (ADA) enables organizations to analyze aggregate data from all their aircraft. Reach out to a Flight Dynamics expert to learn more about ADA!

More Information Coming Soon!

The FOQA Process

Allow Fuzion Safety’s Flight Data experts to help you determine if your organization will be eligible for performance incentives from your insurance company by capturing flight data!

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