Public-Private Partnership with FAA

Over 500,000 Reports Shared with ASIAS

Fuzion Safety is powered by the WBAT platform, which is the sole FAA-supported safety management system (SMS) program available on the market. WBAT Safety was awarded a 5-year contract by the FAA in early 2020.

WBAT Safety uses its long-standing relationship with the FAA to ensure our SMS modules are fully compliant with 14 CFR Part 5 language.

There are currently over 250 active Fuzion Safety systems powered by WBAT, including operators from Part 91, 121, 129, 135, 141, and 145 types.

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Is Your Organization Ready for the new final FAA SMS Rule?
Fuzion Safety can help!
**The WBAT platform is written DIRECTLY in the ruling!**

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials have passed a new final rule on SMSs, requiring the following operators to have an SMS in place within one to three years:

  • All Part 135 certificate holders
  • All Part 91.147 air tour operators
  • Certain Part 21 type certificate (TC) and production certificate (PC) holders
Let our industry and SMS program experts guide you through this process!

Fuzion Safety, powered by WBAT, has a long-standing relationship with the FAA, with team members who have been in the aviation safety industry for decades, working to ensure its SMS modules are compliant with updated rulings. Fuzion Safety offers SMS subscription packages that can give organizations affected by the new rule access to top-level systems, support, training, and customizations, along with the four pillars of SMS: safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, and safety promotion.

The WBAT platform is scalable to fit organizations of every size. Operators affected by the new rule can take advantage of this comprehensive, scalable SMS program with an abundance of capabilities! Contact our team using the form below or email info@fuzionsafety.com.

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