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Take advantage of our comprehensive safety management system (SMS) with countless capabilities.

What is Fuzion Safety?

Fuzion Safety is powered by WBAT, a web-based platform for safety management systems. Fuzion Safety, powered by WBAT, gives your organization access to top level support, technical assistance, training, customizations, and more. WBAT is a web-based platform that can be used in almost ANY industry.

Technical Assistance

Fuzion Safety experts are available to answer questions and assist with the use of Fuzion Safety during business hours. The online Fuzion Safety Help Center is available 24/7 and contains content and videos for guidance on everything you need to know to use Fuzion Safety.

Additionally, support is available to Fuzion Safety administrators from their subscriber’s system. The administrator can access all the Help Center content and submit requests without ever leaving Fuzion Safety.


Organizations can utilize the Fuzion Safety Support Team to learn more about the Fuzion Safety system, data outputs, or even FAA safety programs. Our team offers industry expertise in both SMS implementation and ASAP management. Training can be conducted via the web or at your facility.


There are many aspects of Fuzion Safety that can be customized to align with your organization’s language and processes, such as labels, taxonomy, process flows, submission forms, and workflows.

Fuzion Safety Community and Industry Events

The Fuzion Safety Support Team conducts several Fuzion Safety User Training Conferences each year. These events are hosted by Fuzion Safety Subscribers and are focused on a specific module or aspect of Fuzion Safety. These events are open to any organization subscribing to Fuzion Safety.

The Fuzion Safety Support Team also attends many industry events throughout the year, such as Aviation Safety InfoShare, Bombardier Safety Standdown, NBAA events, and the SMS Industry Forum. The Fuzion Safety Support Team is available to discuss technical solutions to safety processes and offers training at most events.

Additional Features

Fuzion Safety subscribers are also given access to such additional features as:

Tableau – An add-on that allows organizations to export data from Fuzion Safety to a Tableau system to integrate Fuzion Safety data with information from other data sources in your organization.

OSHA – A report type that allows for secure OSHA reporting. De-identification rules and limited access are available to maintain all confidentiality in OSHA reporting.

FRAT – Customizable FRAT with multi-leg worksheets, risk levels, risk routing, notifications, and scoring.

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