Fuzion Safety, Powered by WBAT, Offers Best-In-Class Safety Management System for Operators Affected by FAA’s New Final Rule

Is your organization ready for the new final rule on safety management systems (SMSs)? We’re here to help. There are currently over 200 operators using Fuzion Safety’s WBAT platform for their SMS needs—join them in taking advantage of our scalable SMS, which offers a comprehensive abundance of capabilities.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials have passed a new final rule on SMSs, requiring all Part 135 certificate holders and Part 91.147 air tour operators as well as certain Part 21 type certificate (TC) and production certificate (PC) holders to have an SMS in place within three years (with final dates/deadlines still to be determined).

The rule, which expands on the 14 CFR Part 5 SMS mandate that has been in effect since 2018, also recommends scalability to the size and complexity of different organizations.

Having a long-standing relationship with the FAA, Fuzion Safety, powered by WBAT, consists of team members who have been in the aviation safety industry for decades, working to ensure our SMS modules are compliant with updated rulings. Fuzion Safety offers SMS subscription packages that can give organizations affected by the new rule access to top-level systems, support, training, and customizations, along with the four pillars of SMS: safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, and safety promotion.

Fuzion Safety’s WBAT platform is actually written into FAA regulations 120-92B and 120-66c as a system that provides operators the required level of regulatory compliance for the FAA’s safety programs, specifically the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), which is an SMS. As the primary system for ASAP reporting amongst operators in the US, the WBAT platform is scalable to fit organizations of every size.

“The new final rule will have a far-reaching impact in the aviation industry, and Fuzion Safety is fully prepared to help any affected operator achieve success with our safety management system,” said Kamron Githens, Fuzion Safety’s Program Manager. “Our team is committed to doing what we can to assist with improving aviation safety across the board as a result of this new rule.”

Additionally, as FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said: “Requiring more aviation organizations to implement a proactive approach to managing safety will prevent accidents and save lives.”

To learn how Fuzion Safety can help your operation meet the requirements for this new rule, email info@fuzionsafety.com or visit www.fuzionsafety.com for more information.

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