Fuzion Safety, Powered by WBAT, Partners with PMOPA to Enhance Safety Initiatives

Fuzion Safety, powered by the WBAT platform, is proud to announce a partnership with the Piper M-Class Owners and Pilots Association (PMOPA) to enhance aviation safety initiatives.

The partnership is focused on Flight Data Monitoring (FDM); Fuzion Safety will be providing PMOPA with aggregated data analysis, which will allow the PMOPA Safety Committee to identify trends and provide insights that will be leveraged to improve Piper PA-46 safety, operations, and training. Additionally, participating pilots gain access to Flight Dynamics, Fuzion Safety’s subscription-based system that processes recorded flight data to allow analysts to support Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) or flight data analysis programs. Flight Dynamics includes the groundbreaking Post-Flight Report (PFR), which allows pilots to receive a debrief directly to a mobile device within minutes of uploading flight data after every flight. PMOPA will use the de-identified aggregate data from the PFR in their studies.

Mike Nichols, CAM, CAE, PMOPA’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “PMOPA is excited to be working with Fuzion Safety as we launch our Flight Data Monitoring program for the Piper PA ‑ 46 community. Fuzion Safety’s deep expertise and capabilities in FOQA and FDM will prove instrumental as we partner with them on our efforts to reduce accidents and incidents within our fleet.”

PMOPA, which was previously named the Malibu M-Class Owners and Pilots Association (MMOPA), is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the interests and safety of owners and pilots of Piper PA-46 aircraft worldwide. With more than 1,500 current members, PMOPA membership is available to any registered or prospective owner and/or operator of qualified aircraft or any qualifying individual or organization involved with or providing a service for the PA-46 family of aircraft.

PA-46 pilots who participate in PMOPA’s FDM program may be eligible for a stipend of up to $400 from the PMOPA Safety & Education Foundation to offset any costs they incur to either purchase hardware or software/subscriptions to participate and/or subscriptions to automatically transfer their data and/or view their individual flight results.

“Fuzion Safety is thrilled to partner with PMOPA to bring this game-changing safety platform to the valued Piper M-Class owners,” said Kamron Githens, Fuzion Safety’s Program Manager. “Safety is our utmost priority, and this collaboration allows us to provide PMOPA members with an innovative solution that enhances their ownership experience and minimizes risk.”

Fuzion Safety is powered by the WBAT platform, which is the sole Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-supported safety management system (SMS) program available on the market. Fuzion Safety gives organizations access to top-level systems, support, training, and customizations, along with the four pillars of SMS: safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, and safety promotion.

Fuzion Safety also offers ASAP facilitation services to assist an organization with the FAA’s ASAP, a voluntary, self-reporting program designed to identify and mitigate possible safety concerns. ASAP uses employee input to identify significant safety concerns and issues, operational deficiencies, non-compliance with regulations, and deviations from company policies and procedures. With its ASAP facilitation services program, Fuzion Safety is the leader of third-party facilitators, with 7x the volume of reports than its competitors.

To learn more about Fuzion Safety, visit www.fuzionsafety.com. To learn more about PMOPA, visit www.pmopa.com.  Email info@fuzionsafety.com to learn how you can improve your organization’s safety culture or to schedule a free demonstration.

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