Did You Know? WBAT Mobile Edition

  • Users can now access the WBAT Messaging feature to create, view, and send messages like in the browser-based WBAT.
  • If an organization utilizes WBAT’s Safety Notices feature, submitters can now view safety notices, along with any attachments, and acknowledge safety notices in the app.
  • If an organization utilizes the Communications Section on the browser-based WBAT, users can now view all documents posted in that section on the app.
  • Users can now update their profiles from the app.
  • If an organization utilizes the “Contact Us” feature on the browser-based WBAT to advise users of how to get support, this contact information is now available from the app menu’s Information Section.

Email support@wbatsafety.com with any questions you may have about WBAT Mobile.

Keep your eyes open for even more exciting enhancements in the near future!

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