Fuzion Safety Welcomes Ryan Air, Inc. as Latest Subscriber of the WBAT Platform

Fuzion Safety, powered by WBAT, is proud to welcome Ryan Air, Inc. as the latest subscriber of the WBAT platform.

Ryan Air, Inc. was established in 1953 in the small Alaskan village of Unalakleet and has remained a familiar sight in Alaskan villages for more than half a century. Ryan Air, Inc. specializes in air cargo shipping and is considered a community lifeline in Bush Alaska, where air service is the only way to receive and send furniture, clothing, food, medical supplies, and more. Ryan Air, Inc. takes more cargo to more places than any other Bush carrier in Alaska.

Serving over 80 Alaskan villages, Ryan Air, Inc. operates 22 aircraft out of 8 hubs and is considered one of the leading Alaska air cargo services.

“Ryan Air, Inc., operating in Alaska, is pleased to join the WBAT team! We look forward to strengthening our employee reporting system, centralizing our safety data correlated to risk management and assurance. In joining WBAT, we are providing our employees with enhanced communication services to continuously improve our safety culture and commitment to raise the quality of life of the people we serve in rural Alaska,” said Tiffany Lease, Director of Safety at Ryan Air, Inc.

“As one of the leading air cargo services in Alaska for over 70 years, Ryan Air, Inc. has perfected the skill and processes required to move cargo across Alaska. We look forward to working with their team as they strengthen their safety culture,” said Kamron Githens, Fuzion Safety’s Program Manager.

Fuzion Safety encompasses such various services as the WBAT platform, the Flight Dynamics flight data analysis system, and ASAP facilitation services. Fuzion Safety is powered by the WBAT platform, a web-based platform for SMSs that supports all aspects of a complete SMS, including safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, safety promotion, and SMS recordkeeping and documentation. Fuzion Safety subscribers have access to support, training, and customizations to help organizations utilize WBAT to their fullest potential.

Any organization can utilize the WBAT platform to collect, process, and analyze safety reports; conduct audits; and identify as well as manage risk.

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