Fuzion Safety Introduces Exec 1 Aviation as Newest Subscriber of the WBAT Platform as well as ASAP Facilitation Services

Fuzion Safety, powered by WBAT, is proud to introduce Exec 1 Aviation as the newest subscriber of both the WBAT platform and ASAP facilitation services.

Exec 1 arranges flights on behalf of Exec 1’s 25-Hour JetCard clients and charter clients with FAA-certificated Part 135 air carriers or similarly licensed foreign air carriers that exercise full operational control of charter flights at all times. (With Exec 1’s 25-Hour JetCard program, members have guaranteed private jet availability on non-peak travel days, with every flight customized to their specifications, among other perks.)

Exec 1, located in Ankeny, IA, is one of the first operators to obtain Wyvern Wingman Certified Pro status, a standard reserved for operators who continuously invest in their safety program to go above and beyond within the industry. Consequently, Exec 1 operates with safety as their highest priority, maintaining a Five Point Safety Protocol, which includes strict safety requirements for aircraft, pilots, airports, conditions, and passengers. Additionally, all of Exec 1’s aircraft, and the FBO, are under the IS-BAO safety management system (SMS).

“As an organization, we have taken great pride in our safety program and have invested countless hours, resources, and funds to get our safety program to the robust system it is. We look forward to implementing the WBAT program as a part of our protocol,” said Katie Navin, Vice President of Direct Sales and Marketing at Exec 1 Aviation.

In addition to being Des Moines’ only local private jet charter fleet, Exec 1 provides a full range of fueling and line services, ground transportation, catering, and hangar and ramp space rental as well as aircraft management, maintenance, and flight instruction.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Exec 1 Aviation as they implement not only the WBAT platform but also our ASAP facilitation services as part of their impressive safety program,” said Kamron Githens, Program Manager of Fuzion Safety. “Exec 1 Aviation sets the standard for how organizations should operate from a safety standpoint.”

Fuzion Safety encompasses such various services as the WBAT platform, the new Flight Dynamics flight data analysis system, and ASAP facilitation services. Fuzion Safety is powered by the WBAT platform, a web-based platform for SMSs that supports all aspects of a complete SMS, including safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, safety promotion, and SMS recordkeeping and documentation. Fuzion Safety subscribers have access to support, training, and customizations to help organizations utilize WBAT to their fullest potential.

Any organization can utilize the WBAT platform to collect, process, and analyze safety reports; conduct audits; and identify as well as manage risk. To learn more, visit www.fuzionsafety.com.

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