Fuzion Safety Announces Axis Jet as the Most Recent Subscriber of the WBAT Platform as well as ASAP Facilitation Services

Fuzion Safety, powered by WBAT, is proud to announce Axis Jet as the most recent subscriber of the WBAT platform as well as ASAP facilitation services.

Based in the Greater Sacramento Area, Axis Jet assists clients through various aspects of their aviation journey, including not only air charter but also aircraft acquisition, management, and brokerage services. Safety and customer service are the top priorities for Axis Jet, an Argus/Wyvern-certified company with aircraft based in multiple locations.

Per Matt Bosco and Dan Kimmel, owners of Axis Jet: 

“Axis Jet is a truly unique aviation company that brings passion and personalized service to aircraft acquisition, sales, management, and charter. Axis Jet was founded in 2004 from a desire to better serve our clients in the selection and use of their aircraft from an independent and objective point of view. Today, we serve as an aviation partner to a discriminating list of clients who enjoy all the benefits and value that aircraft ownership has to offer.

“Axis Jet’s market focus is derived from our experience with Challengers, Falcons, Hawkers, Citations, and near-new, high-end Beechcraft and Pilatus family aircraft. As seasoned veterans of this industry, our contacts and experience enable us to integrate a wide variety of services that are required when purchasing, owning, or chartering an aircraft. Our facility at Sacramento Executive Airport (KSAC) is home to our corporate headquarters, pilot, and flight dispatch center.

“Safety is a priority to Axis Jet, having received a Gold Rating from the Aviation Research Group US (ARG/US) CHEQ System, which is awarded to FAR Part 135 Aircraft Charter Operators who, as a result of a safety audit, are found to not only have good, well-documented policies and procedures (as well as good management structure and performance), but also show that these policies/procedures are followed in practices conducive to safe operations.”

Moreover, Matt Rogers, Safety Manager at Axis Jet, offered: 

“Axis Jet is excited to work with Fuzion Safety, Powered by WBAT, and be part of a program that the FAA stands behind. Safety is a critical part of our business, which is why working with Fuzion Safety to implement the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) and our Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) has made it easier to work closely with the FAA to identify—and mitigate—potential risks. We feel Fuzion Safety is able to deliver great tools that give us operational transparency and an effective safety culture.”

With Axis Jet joining the WBAT community, Kamron Githens, Fuzion Safety’s Program Manager, added: 

“Axis Jet offers so much to the aviation industry, and we look forward to providing their Safety Management System (SMS) needs and ASAP facilitation services as they continue to advance their safety culture.”

Fuzion Safety encompasses such various services as the WBAT platform, the Flight Dynamics flight data analysis system, and ASAP facilitation services. Fuzion Safety is powered by the WBAT platform, a web-based platform for SMSs that supports all aspects of a complete SMS, including safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, safety promotion, and SMS recordkeeping and documentation. Fuzion Safety subscribers have access to support, training, and customizations to help organizations utilize WBAT to its fullest potential.

Any organization can utilize the WBAT platform to collect, process, and analyze safety reports; conduct audits; and identify as well as manage risk. To learn more, visit www.fuzionsafety.com.

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